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Ever want to see your weather station hardware remotely, or make it as big as your screen?

animated gwx simulator,
Click to see a full-screen capture of gwx running with gstripchart.conf and the wx200 client from wx200d 1.1.

gwx is a graphical GTK+ client for the wx200d(8) weather station server. It is unique in that it looks and feels like the real WX200 weather station hardware. An interactive, resizable picture of the hardware displays the current weather conditions in a window. Simply click the buttons to browse the weather data as you would on the real weather station. An alternate view of all data one one screen is also available.

2002/07/04: Version 1.2 is Released

Download here: gwx-1.2.tar.gz

gwx requires wx200d version 1.0 or greater and GTK+ with an imlib-enabled gdk.

Check out the real SourceForge project page for more information, CVS and ftp access, etc.

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